From: Carole Sculpher
Subject: Chesterfield and armchair

Message Body:
I wonder if you remember me? We have met at various craft fairs and I came to a memoboard workshop with you once.
Anyway, I’m not looking to do any more upholstery myself, but have a good solid Chesterfield and armchair that we will be replacing, and wondered if you would be interested in them for a reupholstery project. I wouldn’t be asking a lot for them, but would rather they go to a good home than the tip!
I did re-cover them myself about 15 years ago through classes at Mulberry House somewhere near Market Rasen (can’t remember her name!) but they are looking a little tired now!
So, if you think you could use them, let me know or give me a call 01507 343771. We won’t want to get rid of them for a while, as we haven’t even looked at others, and after choosing something they’ll have to be ordered…so no rush, but just thought I’d mention it.
All the best, Carole

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