From: Nikki Harris
Subject: Refurbishment

Message Body:
Hi, my name is Nikki Harris and my sister in law, Mel Harris who came on one of your courses a few years ago, recommended you as someone who may be able to help me. I have a knole three piece suit and am looking for someone to refurbish it. It was originally my grandmother’s although it was split up, she kept the chairs and my father had the sofa for the last 50 years. The sofa has been recovered twice that I am aware of being 50 years ago and approx 20 ish. The bottom of the sofa has collapsed a little at one end (we are sitting on the springs) although the other end and fabric are ok but I suspect it’ll need a recover once repaired. The casters have also been changed to horrid plastic ones but I have the originals and would like them put back if possible. The chairs haven’t been recovered for years, they still have the original casters but they drop out if you do move either chair more than a hair’s breath! Is this a project you’d be interested in and if so how can we get a quote for the work? I live in South Willingham.
Hoping you can help,
Nikki Harris

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