From: Ronald GARRETSON
Subject: Drink your finest beverages in luxury style

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Do you want to drink your finest wine, champagne, whiskey, bourbon, vodka, brandy, cognac or a liqueur in luxury style? We can offer you the most luxurious crystal stemware and barware decorated with 24k gold and platinum. You will get much more pleasure when you will drink your finest beverages with this splendid stemware and barware or you can used this stemware and barware as an unique and wonderful gift for your loved ones, friends or business partners. Please check the entire line of this luxury stemware and barware at Please contact us exclusively via our Contact Us form at We will be pleased to hear from you. Have a great day. Best regards Ronald GARRETSON, WEXONEXX Luxury Stemware & Barware, Denver, CO. IMPORTANT NOTICE: This message has been posted via a Contact Us form on your site. Contact forms are publicly accessible and they can be used for posting messages by anyone. We don’t use, hold or archive your e-mail addresses.

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