From: Liz Rance
Subject: making contact again

Message Body:
Hello Lesley —

“Well, here’s blast-from-the-past!” do I hear you cry?!

To cut a very long story very short to bring you up-to-date, I sold Burton Mews house last summer, went travelling around north/Scotland; and since April, am now living in Waddington village, south of Lincoln in the centre of the village. With my dog! Although only coming up for its quarter century, my new house is a bit of a ‘do’er up’er’, so I’m currently going through doing all those replacing tasks you need to do on such a property. Only the decorating & carpets are left to do, and I hope to be done by early autumn.

In amongst this, I’m still finding time to seek out a new armchair … well, new-to-me; and that’s where your professional upholstery expertise may possibly come in ….

On Sunday morning, with a friend, I’m going up to an antique centre near Rotherham to look at this chair:

I’ve spoken with the owner who assures me it’s in pretty good ‘nick’ overall. However … if it should need to be re-upholstered, is it something that you would be interested in helping me achieve? Do you still do pieces for people?

Whatever, it would be lovely to meet up with you to have a B-I-G catch-up, maybe over a cuppa half-way between us?

I hope all is well,
Liz x

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