From: maria Zablockyj
Subject: Commission

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Hello Lesley

Remember that chair I brought to your class in Wragby Town Hall, well it still remains uncovered and I was wondering what the cost would be for you to complete it for me please.

I have got as far as the hessian I put on at the class, then I took it to my brother in law who repaired the split and that is as far as I got. I have kept up to date with your course times and places and so far have not been able to attend any of them and having had surgery last week to remove my gall bladder it seems it will remain uncovered for the forseeable future. I had hoped to get it done by now but time seems to fly and always something else takes priority and another week goes by, in fact this year has just flown by.

Look forward to hearing from you and hope to attend some of your courses next year all being well.



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